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Domain names , your UNIQUE address on the internet , is virtual real estate just like your unique physical address. Your domain name is how others FIND you on the web. Domains and physical real estate share almost all the same attributes.
We have thousands of premium domains available for licensing at very low monthly or yearly rates. Longer terms are negotiable if you so desire (just tell us your wish list). We also joint venture in the development of a domain if you have a project of interest.
Like the saying goes , “everything has a price” , so we are open to selling domains either outright or on a lease purchase arrangement.
Our entire inventory of domains can be viewed here , but we have also created categories which can be chosen from the drop menu at the top or the menu at the bottom of the page.

Supreme Court affirms the VALUE of a “Generic.com” domain. Booking.com allowed to trademark domain name

1. “Owners of generic domain names enjoy additional competitive advantages unique to the internet”

2. “Most importantly, domain name ownership confers automatic exclusivity.”

3.”Generic domains are also easier for consumers to find. A consumer who wants to buy wine online may perform a key­word search and be directed to “wine.com.” Or he may simply type “wine.com” into his browser’s address bar, ex­pecting to find a website selling wine.”

4.”The owner of a generic domain name enjoys these benefits not because of the quality of her prod­ucts or the goodwill of her business, but because she was fortunate (or savvy) enough to be the first to appropriate a particularly valuable piece of online real estate.”

5.”many businesses could obtain a trademark by adding “.com” to the generic name of their product (e.g., pizza.com, flowers.com, and so forth).”

6.”to­day’s decision (Decided June 30, 2020) will lead to a proliferation of “generic.com” marks, granting their owners a monopoly over a zone of use­ful, easy-to-remember domains.”